Festool CT 36 HEPA Dust Extractor - 583493

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  • The CT36 dust extractor is great for shopwork. It reduces cleanup time and improves your overall work performance. The HEPA filtration takes your health into consideraton because it keeps your worksite and lungs cleaner. This Festool dust extractor maintains mobility and a high capacity for a shop environment. The CT 36 has a 9.5 gallon capacity, which means extra power and a larger bag capacity. At the jobsite, you wouldn't have to change the filter bag as much. If you're doing a range of intermediate to large sanding and cutting tasks, the CT 36 dust extractor would be the one that you want. For easy transport and storage, the CT 36 has a built-in hose garage, anti-static hose and cord wrap. With its combination of power, capacity and mobility, the CT 36 dust extractor is a good choice to use at the shop or the jobsite for all power tool extraction and clean-up needs. Festool offers a comprehensive three-year limited warranty and ensures the highest level of quality for all of their power tools. 


    • Hose: Anti-static design. Anti-static hose and vacuum design minimizes shocks, dust clinging to the hose and clogging.
    • Tool-triggered activation. Auto and manual modes for tool activated or manual cleaning tasks. Variable suction force to match the task.
    • Quick release bag change. Fast and easy bag changes with quick release clip system.
    • Single-point foot brake. To prevent unintentional rolling. Particularly useful for uneven surfaces and grades or when transporting Systainersvia the Sys-dock.
    • Low abrasion tires. Protect surfaces, minimize wear, and run quieter and smoother.
    • Self-cleaning filter bag. Made of special fleece material, the bag inflates and deflates with the cycling of the unit for maximum suction force and efficiency.
    • Tool-less filter change. Single filter design features easy and secure filter change.
    • Integrated hose garage. Store the hose and cord for easy transport.
    • Sys-dock. Store and transport Systainers with the integrated Sys-dock.
    • Onboard tool storage. Organize your hose nozzles and extensions.
    • Compact design but large volume
    • Modular plug-in slot allows maximum customisation
    • High-power, space-efficient turbine provides high suction power
    • Sys-Dock, hose garage and cord holder for tidy work
    • Locking wheel brake for safe transportation
    • Optimum filter bag usage and constant suction power thanks to SELFCLEAN bag
    • Optimised servicing for time and cost savings
    • Fast changing of main filter and filter bag - no tools required
    • Precise dust extraction due to stepless speed adjustment
    • Soft-starting, shut-off delay and automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for power and air tools
    • No static buildup due to anti-static function

          Includes: Festool CT 36 E Hepa Cleantex Dust Extractor, (1) Self-Cleaning Filter Bag, (1) 27 mm Anitstatic hose, (1) Integrated hose garage and Cord wrap.

          • Container Capacity -- 9.6 gallons (36 litres)
          • Filter Type-- HEPA
          • Filter Bag Capacity--- 8.9 gallons
          • Dimensions -- (l x w x h) 24.8 inch x 14.4 inch x 23.4 inch (630 x 365 x 594 mm)
          • Static Water  lift -- 96” ( 24000 Pa / 240 mbar)
          • Max suction force -- 137 cfm (3900 l/min)
          • Power consumption -- 2.9 –10 amps @ 120volts AC (350-1200 watts)
          • Weight -- 29.8lbs (13.5 kg)


        • Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy. That is why the CT 36 is equipped with tool-triggered auto start functionality so that when you plug your tool into the supplied outlet socket, the vacuum cycles with the tool. This represents greater efficiency in dust extraction, noise reduction, and with less energy consumption versus a constant-on unit. Variable suction force allows you to regulate the suction based on your tasks. A small detail sander may not require the full 137 CFM of this unit, but a router may require it.

          This unit comes standard our new self-cleaning bag which prevents dust particles from caking inside the bag which reduces suction. We further optimize efficiency with the low-profile, flat-top design that allows the CT top to double as a tool rest as well as an integrated hose garage and docking station that allows the connection of Festool Systainers (not included) for easy transport and storage. The low center of gravity, integrated center handle, and extra large wheels make navigating rough terrain in the shop or jobsite easy without tipping over. A parking brake can even be locked to prevent unintentional roll off or drifting. The supplied 11-1/2 ft. anti-static (AS) hose is long enough for power tool and general work site clean up tasks.

          For wet (water) clean up tasks, the CT will shut off automatically when full thanks to Level Stop technology. With an industrial design for heavy use the CT is equipped with over 24 feet of 12 gauge cord. A cord wrap is supplied to attach to the rear of the unit. With 137 CFM and only 62 dB (on the low setting), the CT 36 can quickly and quietly remove large amounts of debris, with minimal noise. A HEPA filter comes standard and offers the ultimate in clean air and filtration. The CT 36 is a good choice for the shop or the jobsite for all your power tool extraction and clean-up needs.

        • CT 26/36 Owners Manual
          Warranty and Non-warranty RepairsDownload and print the repair order form using the link.

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