Festool Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw - 561593

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  • The Carvex PS 420 EBQ Jigsaw represents the most leading-edge, high-performance jigsaw that consistently powers through virtually any material. 

    The triple blade guidance works efficiently with the stroboscopic LED lights to configure a cutline view for error-free cuts. Making precise cuts in virtually any material with triple blade guidance reduces rework and waste. The multi-base system proves that it is versatile and adaptable because it can tackle nearly any surface with ease and precision. Cutting through practically any material illustrates how powerful and long-lasting the brushless motor can be. The dust extraction capabilities complement this jigsaw because there is virtually no dust cleanup, reducing the time spent in your shop or at the jobsite. Made to withstand the toughest and most extreme conditions, the PS 420 proves that it's durability and quality comes from this German tool brand. Festool's brand has a reputation for its excellent design and tool quality. Backed by a three-year warranty, Festool guarantees a high-quality power tool and years of reliable service.


    • Triple blade guidance
    • Stroboscopic LED lights
    • Brushless motor technology
    • Interchangeable base system
    • Zero clearance splinterguard
    • 3-Year warranty

    Includes: Carvex Jigsaw, (2) Jigsaw Blades for Wood, Felt Base Plate w/ one felt, Chip Guard, Splinterguard, Plug-It Power Cord, and Systainer 1 T-LOC.

    • Motor Type EC TEC Brushless
    • Blade Type  Universal T-Shank
    • Power  400 Watts
    • Stroke length   1 inch
    • Stroke Speed  Up to 3,800 
    • Max. Cut Depth, Wood   4-3/4" 
    • Max. Cut Depth, Non-Ferrous Metal   3/4"
    • Max. Cut Depth, Steel  3/8" 


  • Festool has firmly established itself as the innovation leader in jigsaws and jigsaw blades, producing a system that delivers effortless, precise cuts like no other. Coupled with the right blade, high performance motors and MMC electronics will consistently power through virtually any material. Smooth, perpendicular curves, splinter-free cuts, and a sharply reduced need to sand cut surfaces are what you can expect from a Festool jigsaw.

    Armed with the most advanced motor technology and every feature you have come to expect from Festool, plus many more never imagined, the Carvex jigsaws will shatter all expectations. Conquer any scribe line and curve with ease thanks to the robust blade guidance system that makes blade drift and deflection a thing of the past. Carvex jigsaws feature a revolutionary base-changing system that adapts to any application, multiplying the capabilities of your jigsaw. Perfect visibility of the cut line is enhanced by the quad-LED, stroboscopic system that penetrates through darkness and dust.

  • Carvex 420 Jigsaw Supplemental Manual
    Warranty and Non-warranty RepairsDownload and print the repair order form using the link.

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