Festool Air Sander LEX 3 125/5 - 691141

Regular price $525.00
  • Extremely robust design ensures a long service life, minimal servicing requirements and high cost savings
  • Low vibration levels and a pleasant operating noise protect the operator's health
  • Simplifies dust extraction, guarantees the best results and protects the user's health when combined with the IAS 3 light hose
  • High-quality FUSION-TEC sanding pad with MULTI-Jetstream principle ensures efficient dust extraction, minimises rework and saves on costs
  • Fine 3mm (1/8") sanding stroke produces a very high-quality sanding finish and saves on costs
  • Sanding pad brake reduces sanding errors when setting down the machine, thereby avoiding rework and additional costs
Note: Due to the complexity and additional components required for Festool air sanders, we recommend that you call for assistance with ordering. Must be used with a Festool CT 26, CT 36 or CT 48 dust extractor in conjunction with air module 496141 and ¼" adapter 9396, sold separately. Does not include a Festool Systainer. Festool recommends an 80 gallon dual stage compressor that puts out a min of 10 CFM @ 90 PSI.